Friday, October 27, 2006

Thoughts on Learning 2.0

I think this program is very educational and informative. I learned a lot about internet applications and I appreciate Helene Blowers creating the curriculum.
Earth Explosion

This video would be very useful for a student doing an astronomy project. YouTube would very helpful for library training so staff could watch continuing education classes from their location.

Monday, October 23, 2006


NetLibrary is very easy to use. You can download Pimsleur Language Programs for several languages. You cannot download them to an ipod. NetLibrary is a great resource for our patrons.

Los Angeles Public Library Interview with Michael Pollan

I searched Podcast Directory using the terms "public library" in title and description search. I found a great podcast of an author interview from Los Angeles Public Library called KCET Podcast: Aloud at the Central Library. I subscribed to the RSS Feed. Laurie Winer, Los Angeles Times Food Columnist, interviewed Michael Pollan, the author of the Omnivore's Dilemma, about the food production in the United States. This is a great tool for PLCMC to use. We could do Podcasts of Novello Author Events. Podcast Directory was easy to use. I did not have to download any software, which it seemed I would need to do using the other two search tools. Here is the podcast I listened to:
The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals Why has a question as simple as what should we eat gotten so complicated? Join Michael Pollan, bestselling author of The Botany of Desire, in conversation with Laurie Winer, frequent contributor to th...Podcast Date: Aug 31, 2006 22:00:00

Web 2.0 Award Nominees

I explored This web site guides people through the self-publishing process. Once a person has done created a manuscript, he/she can sign up on and you can go through a step-by-step process to publish the book. Lulu gets 20% of the royalties. There is no set-up fee and no minimum order and the author gets to keep the rights. Lulu publishes materials in all formats including CDs/DVDs, images, software, and calendars. It is great to know about a site like lulu because you can tell patrons who are interested in self-publishing about sites on the Internet they may want to consider. Lulu makes it possible for artists to publish their work and share it with others without losing control of the rights.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Zoho Writer

Zoho Writer makes it very easy to share, import, and export documents without having to attach files. The ability to publish them to a blog is also convenient. It is great for a team editing a document. It is also a nice tool for people who need software, but do not have Microsoft Office or cannot get to a library.

Wiki Sandbox

I enjoyed adding my favorite vacation spot, tv show, and adding my blog to the PLCMC Wiki. It was fun to learn how to add a link to the favorite blogs. It was fun to learn about my colleagues' favorite things.


I think Wikis are great tools for team collaboration. I also think having community information (restaurants, arts & entertainment) library bookmarks or subject guides on a wiki for the public is very efficient because they can be easily updated. The downside to Wikis is the lack of authority because anyone can change the content, but organizations should use them when they meet their needs.

Thoughts on Library 2.0

I read and agree with Michael Stephens's article, "Into a New World of Librarianship." I think the library community needs to be proactive about technology and use it to enhance materials and services for the public. We need to be aware of the advances in technology so we can meet the needs or our community. When patrons come in to the library discussing the latest website etc., we need to be knowledgeable so we can participate in the discussion.


When I searched Learning 2.0 by library tags, I got the most relevant results. When I searched for blog posts in English, I got over 22,000 hits. When I searched for blogs, they were from around the world. The "favorited blogs" were about cutting-edge technology and productivity.
The list of top blogs was similar to the "favorited blogs." The list of most popular searches and the list of most popular tags were also similar. The most popular searches were about current events, technology, and popular culture.

I found very helpful to search for tags and find the latest research online on a specific topic. Also, your bookmarks are portable. I read about which is a similar website to librarything. You can see what others are reading and viewing.


I did a rollyo on Celebrity Gossip. Here is a link to my profile:
I think this site would be very helpful for librarians who use the same sites for searches. A business librarian would find this very useful. A Reader's Advisory librarian would also find it useful to search a book series like Left Behind or The Chronicles of Narnia.

Library Thing

I enjoyed exploring LibraryThing and creating an account. It is a very user-friendly site. I think it is a great way to discuss books on the Internet. I found out that The Glass Book of Dream Eaters is being published in installments in the UK. Here is my catalog:

Shower in a Box Image Generator

My favorite image generator was The Generator Blog because it had several links to image generators. I liked the Shower in a Box because it created bingo cards for a baby shower for those craft-challenged people like myself. Here's what the cards look like:

Blog Search Tools

I liked the Bloglines website because it was a one stop shop for setting up RSS feeds as well as establishing a newsreader account. Technorati is the most sophisticated and well-indexed search tool. Feedster has the most feeds and has them divided by podcasts, news, and blogs. I liked searching Feedster by tags. is great for the latest news and local news. I found Syndic8 the least user-friendly.

Libraries taking a cue from Netflix

While searching Technorati for Library 2.0 related blogs, I stumbled upon David Lee King's blog post about The Topeka & Shawnee County Library System. He had previously recommended libraries learn from the Netflix model of mailing items to patrons. Now, the library system does mail out all holds to patron. Here is his post:

Mashing Up The Library Competition

This post from the Second Life Library blog details the winners of the Mashing Up The Library Competition. Talis, an library software provider, sponsored a competition to encourage libraries to utilize technology in creative and innovative ways. " The First prize of £1,000 was awarded to John Blyberg of Ann Arbor District Library in Ann Arbor, MI. His entry, Go-Go-Google-Gadget, shows how simply library information can be integrated into the personalised home page offered by Google, and is described by competition sponsor and member of the judging panel, Talis’ Paul Miller, as '“an excellent example of taking information previously locked inside the library catalogue and making it available to patrons in other contexts where they may spend more time than they do in their catalogue.” ' PLCMC's Helene Blowers was quoted in the press release: '“I think it's exciting to see a major library automation company like Talis take the lead in encouraging and rewarding library innovation from the user community. What really sets this competition apart in my mind is that Talis has defined the user community as anybody, not just their customer base. And to raise the innovation bar even higher, potential developers or contest participants don't even have to use or interface with Talis' products to create an entry. That speaks volumes in my book! I'm looking forward to see the entries - and winner too! Thanks again for taking the lead here. It truly is exciting”.'

Reading Resources

This is a document I created on Zoho Writer.
Reading Resources

General Book Reviews
This site has book and movie reviews as well as providing detailed information on the plot, characters, setting, and storyline of the book. Each review has a list of similar books you may enjoy.

This online version of the American Library Association's Booklist magazine reviews nearly 4,000 adult and 2,500 young adult books each year. In addition, articles, book lists, author interviews, editorials and essays make this a valuable web site for bibliophiles.

BookPage Online
This monthly online version of the publication BookPage is devoted to serving readers, libraries, booksellers, and publishers. It features up to 100 new book reviews per month as well as author interviews and articles.

BookSpot simplifies the search for the best book-related content on the Web. Featured sites are hand-selected by BookSpot editors and organized into intuitive categories such as bestseller lists, genres, book reviews, electronic texts, book news, and more.

The American Booksellers Association represents independent bookstores nationwide. The ABA web site has Book Sense Picks, which are monthly reading recommendations from independent bookstores. It also provides lists of books to be reviewed in national newspapers and on radio and television

Complete Review
Avid readers no longer have to weed through a myriad of web pages only to find that the review they want requires registration or costs a fee to read. searches the web for book reviews of new titles and gathers them together in one site.

January Magazine
This site features reviews of new fiction, non-fiction, children's books and music, as well as interviews with authors.

Nancy Pearl’s Web Site
Nancy Pearl, author of Book Lust and More Book Lust, is known for her book reviews on National Public Radio. . Now you can go to her web site and read new reviews each week.

New York Times
The New York Times Books section offers featured reviews from the paper and from the New York Times Book Review magazine. It also gives you access to their bestseller lists, columns by their knowledgeable staff, essays on reading and writing, very active forums and a monthly book discussion group.

This site is a treasure trove for readers, because it provides access to a multitude of book-related sites for adults, young adults, and children. Whether you are looking for author information, reviews, e-books, reading lists, or more, you will find them here. Of special note are the Authors, Featured, Hot Picks, On the Fly, and Stars Lists sections.